Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Osprey Luftwaffe Sturmgruppen

Osprey Luftwaffe Sturmgruppen is the 20th title of the Aviation Elite Units series, telling the story of heavily armed anti-bomber units in 1944-45.

If you have ever wanted to know the truth about the "storm troopers" of the Jagdwaffe, here is your book. Osprey Luftwaffe Sturmgruppen is the 20th title of the Aviation Elite Units series, and it chronicles the desperate struggle of the lUFTWAFFE anti-bomber dedicated branch, who tried to counter the mighy USAAF heavy bombers in 1944-45. After the war, many legends misunderstooded the real activies of the Sturm pilots, creating the false myth of Nazi Kamikaze units, full of fanatic airmen. This book draws light about the real stories of Sturmgruppen pilots, and their specially modified and heavily armed Fw-190s.

Osprey Luftwaffe Sturmgruppen is written by John Weal, the company primary historian for German and Axis forces. Thanks to his superior knowledge of the matter, he reveals us the story of this small elite force, made of volounteers only, trained to attack bomber formations from the front and the rear in tight arrowhead formations. Armed with 30mm cannon and extra armour plates, the Sturm Fw-190s were the most heavily armed fighters encountered by the 8th Air Force over Germany, and could deliver devastating blow to B-17 and B-24 formations. This book consists of the following chapters:
  • Origin
  • Growing Desperation
  • Sturmgruppen
  • Bloody Baptism
  • Annihilation
  • Appendices

Thanks to its 128 pages, first-hand accounts, rare archive photographs and more than 40 color profiles, this Osprey title is the ultimate book on Luftwaffe Sturmgruppen. All you have ever wanted to know about this elite units it is now available. You could finally discover the truth, and know how deadly and dangerous was to fly over the Reich in the final years of the war, when both the Jagdwaffe and the 8th Air Force suffered horrific losses and lost thousands of young brave men.

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