Sunday, 18 September 2011

Battle of Britain - Opening Scene

Battle of Britain is a 1969 film, produced by Harry Saltzaman and S. Benjamin Fitz and directed by Guy Hamilton. The film narrates the story of the aerial battles over Great Britain in the summer of 1940, when the Luftwaffe tried to gain air supremacy to allow the Wermacht invading the British Isles.The movie is famous for its spectacuar flying sequences and for historical accuracy. The production stars many international artists in the cast and, for the first time, German characters were portrayed by German-speaking actors, rather than Anglophones. Lawrence Olivier, Trevor Howard, Michael Caine, Robert Shaw and Edward Fox are just a few of the stars who worked in the film, and contributed to make Battle of Britain one of the most beautiful war movies ever produced.


  1. Wish I could watch the whole film!

  2. The film is no longer a complete movie.
    It has been cut too much, and all the "good" scenes are suffering, or many other expressions removed, versus original theatre versio.