Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Hurricane tank buster in the desert, with 40mm guns.

When the Hawker Hurricane was not suitable anymore for the fighter role, it was diverted to ground-attack operations and thus became the Hurribomber. Two 40mm Vickers S guns were fitted under each wing; based on the naval 2 pdr Pom-Pom, the S gun was a long-recoil weapon, initially designed as a defensive gun for the Vickers Wellington. It was soon realized that guns was the ideal weapon for anti-tank operations. The first unit to operate the specially modified Hurricane IID was No. 6 Sqn. They served in North Africa from mid-1942, achieving considerable success, scoring hits on 147 tanks, 48 of which destroyed, plus almost 200 other vehicles. Although letal, the tank-buster Hurricanes were also extremely vulnerable, since the extraweight rendered them slower and less manouvrable.

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  1. From Mirko Molteni, Lombardy (Italy):
    Good, very interesting.
    In his book about "Regia Aeronautica", historician Nino Arena wrote that Hurricane Mk.IID Tank Buster entered in battle on May 30th 1942 with 6th Squadron of Desert Air Force.
    This plane reminds me similar anti-tank fighters, like soviet Yakovlev Yak-9T, T from "Tankovoiy", with 37 mm Nudelmann-Suranov cannon mounted on his V-12 engine.
    Bye Bye

  2. Thanks Mirko!
    the way I'm from Turin, we can speak Italian, I'm Luca. se ti va la mia email è: lucariemblog@gmail.com