Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Few - Battle of Britain pilots, squadron and aircraft

George Unwin

Driffield arifield after Luftwaffe bombings
No. 616 Sqn

No. 19 Sqn pilots, from left: Wallace Cunningham, Arthur Giles Blake,  Francis Brisden

No. 609 Sqn, Middle Wallop

Pilots of No. 19 and No. 616 Squadron

No. 609 Sqn Staatus Board

No. 609 Sqn

Czech pilots of No. 310 Sqn

Pilots of No.19 and No. 616 Sqn

No. 616 Sqn
No. 615 Squadron

No. 257 Squadron

Churchill visiting No. 615 Sqn 
Defiants of No. 264 Sqn

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