Monday, 21 October 2013

Bell P-39 Airacobra photogallery

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  1. Hello.
    Another fine American machinery, which was not popular among the Allies.
    (like brewster 239)
    The machine got a Finnish nickname for the little barber (37mm cannon in the nose)
    The Soviet Union took over with gratitude all machines, just made loan-lease help.

    These are the type of aircraft the largest amount single type the Soviet Union.
    5707 pcs / P39 Airacobra northern frontline
    2400 pcs / P 63 kingcobraa the black sea frontline.
    Soviet pilots flew the machines from the factory buffalo over the Siberian directly to the front, or south through Iraq to the front.

    Machine cons of the car shaped doors, and the rescue of the pilot was very uncertain.
    Often the pilot crashed in the rudder blades when jumping.

    The machine was a construction defect that crash, and not easily to pilot correc.
    Later factory was added to the rear under body reinforcements that appears in some pictures and allison engine which was not done very well at high altitudes.