Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Junkers Ju 88C photogallery - Zerstorer and nightfighter

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  1. The original idea for dive bombin was originally an American idea.
    first dive bomber was the Curtiss Hawk 2C.

    Ernest Udet was given permission buy a German decline (2) two Curtiss Hawk aircraft and became interested this airplane system.
    in Germany the idea was well received and the idea stukasta (87) (sturzkampfflugzeug) was born.

    Please also read the Italian Giulio Douche't idea of ​​how to use the bombers.
    and read more to Douhetismi

    Ju 88 was a very good (ready and complete) a horizontal bomber, but the Germans wanted to make it this dive bomber.

    Serial was delayed very much, for many months, and when the Ju 88 was completed, the weight was increased since the original 7000 kg - over 12000 kg due to structural changes.